Pradhan Industries


The Society is an important stakeholder in the process of mine development and for sustainable development. We live and work in the communities where our operations are based and take our responsibilities to society.

We opt for environment friendly technology. The environment and ecology must be protected for future generations. We believe in conservation of resources and try to minimize wastage of resource in our service chain. At the global level, trees and forests are closely linked with weather patterns and also the maintenance of a crucial balance in nature. Hence the task of environment protection is a universal responsibility for all of us. Each of our plants and mines has its own success story of tree plantation, greening activities, horticulture, flower and fruit cultivation and water conservation. Tree plantation and green belt development programs have been extended to cover areas in the vicinity of our plants for the benefit of the local community.


Pradhan Industrries has created educational opportunities for local communities in Odisha. We are committed towards renovating the nearby school, providing fans, school uniforms, school bags, books and stationeries to the students.


We focus on Medical health care. Every year we will organize eye testing camp and medical health check-up camps for nearby villagers. With a mission of empowering lives, our approach has meant greater involvement with communities in which we operate.


Our Group has also adopted a Village to support and facilitate and has initiated to supply fresh water, conservation of nearby forest by distributing fruit bearing trees for afforestation and Medical facilities.


We will also be developing space for common meeting place to harbor Socio-cultural activities. Villagers will be provided with adequate training to take up mushroom cultivation in the nearby areas also with pisciculture.


 We are also promoting games and sports in the nearby panchayats.